Halcyon – xi

Difficulties Expert+
255 91

Mapper: splake Hey everyone, BPM 191 Expert+ only #23 full dynamic lighting by splake Charts created by splake Music composed by xi music here: i fuckin’ hate u ikeiwa ya french furry. editor gl…


Tout Petit Moineau – Igorrr

Difficulties Expert+
40 4

Mapper: loloppe Expert+(++++) BPM: 212 Notes: 1960 Event: 5085 Duration: 3:35 Hopefully the last time I update. A silly mistake was found in one of the streams. I when ahead and changed the metadata a…


周杰伦-漂移 Piaoyi(Drift) by Jay Chou

Difficulties Expert+
8 7

Mapper: sabix 超高速高难自定义谱面,结尾段的连打非常舒适,希望大家喜欢。An ex+ only map with a NJS of 20. Hope you enjoy it. Special thanks to Saut. I got a lot of ideas from his ranked map Setsuna Imitation.…