light ai

emon(Tes.) – Lucky Orb ft. Hatsune Miku

Difficulties Expert+
9 1

Mapper: light ai this map is not indicative of my mapping at all, it is shit emphasis wise, literally just a song i played around with but released because its still better than all other lucky orbs. …


SakiZ – osu!memories 2

Difficulties Expert+
22 3

Mapper: psyc0pathic Length: 7:47 BPM: 90-720 (180) Lighting by Psyc0pathic & Butter All Thanks To These Mappers Who Contributed To Making This Happen! 1. Dear You – 9 – psyc0pathic 2. …


Nanahira – Animal Land

Difficulties Expert+
14 1

Mapper: eku “This is kawaii nyan jam~” Something something first uploaded map – hope you enjoy! BPM: 150 NJS: 18 Notes: 1338…


Aoi – Guardina

Difficulties Expert+
2 0

Mapper: zilianthegreat Reupload for rank on Hitbloq Thanks @Vilawes for the mod! 😀 It has: Expert+! And that’s it, sorry gamers…