Chroma – Nijiiro no Hana

Difficulties Expert
1 0

Mapper: shadow reupload for rank on ss Map info: Song: Nijiiro no Hana Author: Chroma Length: 3:53 BPM: 152 journey to a distant memory ~ (Expert) NJS: 18 Notes/Second: 1.47 Notes: 344 13% Top Row 62%…

dj jdk

Alan Walker – Avem

Difficulties Expert Expert+
0 0

Mapper: dj jdk This is my first ever wall map featuring Alan Walker’s Avem. I hope you enjoy it because this took 47 hours of coding and creating. (Also, there’s not much difference betwee…

tomixcomics 360

Acollective – Whiskey Eyes

Difficulties Hard Expert
0 0

Mapper: tomixcomics A fun, dancey 360 level I made to the song “Whiskey Eyes” by Israeli rock group “Acollective”. It also has a non-360 expert option. This is actually my firs…

wilzy 360


Difficulties Expert
0 0

Mapper: wilzy WARNING YOU MAY NEED A WIRELESS OR A GOOD CABLE SETUP FOR YOUR VR HEADSET, YOUY MIGHT GET WRAPPED UP IN CABLE! This was mostly made in the 2d editor so no bully i think this is the first…