Lifelight (dj-Jo Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
35 5

Mapper: jonathanrune The new smash game is extremely fun, so I wanted to chart the theme song. But the original one is pretty slow and boring, so I decided to find a remix. Aaaand now I ended up with …


Inferno – Hopex

Difficulties Expert+
26 2

Mapper: dorothyfeelings9 A big thanks to ManDynasty who helped me with timing and the lighting , also thanks to everybody else who helped me ! try to enjoy the map Preview…


Honesty Christmas Version

Difficulties Expert+
13 4

Mapper: puds Uh yea… Mapped by Puds first 1/3, Loloppe 2/3, and Kikis last third. Lights done by Loloppe first 1/2, last half by Puds (Epilepsy btw) Audio done by EpicEwok 🙂 Expert++ Can’t…