Nasty Majesty – Splatoon 2

Difficulties Normal
35 11

Mapper: the3dprintist Nasty Majesty from Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion. This is my first Beat Sabre song, but I believe I have done a acceptable job. My only problem with it is that it is a bit re…

SaltyStranger Pop Rap

Wow Wow V2

Difficulties Normal Hard
66 6

Fantastically fun map! The groove under Will Smith’s vocals makes it hard not to start dancing to. The patterns aren’t anything fancy, but they work well with the song. Neil takes the vocals f…

vince77 Meme

S.I.N.G – Kiss Me (Ver1.0)

Difficulties Normal
1 4

Mapper: vince77 S.I.N.G is Chinese New Generation Girls Group. I only created “Normal level” for this song. It is the first version and not that perfect. Please leave a common to h…



Difficulties Normal
0 5

Mapper: kounryusui Technically my second chart, but I need to polish up my first one before I upload it. In the meantime, enjoy! (Currently Normal only, will update with other difficulties later.)