roccoluce88 R&B

Call Out My Name – The Weeknd

Difficulties Normal
29 2

Mapper: roccoluce88 Difficulty: Normal Notes: 482 Very flowing, your arms will know where they have to move on their own. [DO NOT PLAY NO ARROWS MODE WITH THIS BEATMAP, IT DOESN’T WOR…

cheesynutbutterb EDM

PYLOT – Shadowtask

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
26 3

Mapper: cheesynutbutterb *FIXED WALLS AND RANK* Normal / Hard / Expert Lighting BPM – 147 Preview – This is my first map so please criticize the fuck outta me. Message me t…

georgemacfio Meme


Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
39 76

Curator’s Note Pretty interesting since it is only a 6 seconds song. It is gimmicky and makes us test our slashing skills again and again to get onto the leaderboard.   Mapper’s Note …


Megitsune – BABYMETAL

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
34 62

Mapper: mereknom Original Song: Expert+ Playthrough: Expert and Expert+ are exactly the same except Expert+ has obstacles. There are other maps of this song; but, I decided to make my own. Hope you en…