beatmeat Pop

Party Favor – MDR

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
5 9

Being the first of my Unofficial DLC Pack, MDR by Party Favor kicks things off with an Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert mode to suit all playstyles, taking heavy inspiration from the original Beat Saber …

cestomano Rock

HIM – Solitary Man (v2)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard
15 10

This is the second version uploaded of Solitary Man, from HIM (Easy, Normal & Hard). And my second upload. Corrected syncronization and added events to Hard mode (any idea in how to copy and paste…

salvatration1 Electronic

NAH – Snow Rag

Difficulties Easy
0 2

Short and easy track. Not meant to be mechanically or visually flashy. Doubles as a test and it’s made for personal use between a friend and I. Don’t expect much.…