noobcakes16 EDM

Staring at the Sun – Vanic

Difficulties Hard
16 4

I do not own the song, all credit goes to Vanic. I just put the beats to the song, hope you like it. This is my first upload, I plan on doing more. Enjoy! -NoobCakes16…


Telephone Awoo

Difficulties Hard
93 19

This is a short little fun map, literally this video: I just mapped it for fun, yes I know there’s a four minute version. No, I probably won’t make it. BPM: 94 Notes: 152 Duration: 0:53 Pr…

jenmacallister Electronic

Derezzed – Daft Punk

Difficulties Hard
167 47

This is the Hard Mode to my Easy and Normal modes for the song Derezzed – Daft Punk, that can be found here:…

srabbit Hip Hop

E-Dubble – Let Me Ohh

Difficulties Hard
8 22

This is a one Saber song. A Tribute to a great musician i will forever miss and will always keep in my heart. Let us enjoy your music through this too.…