Flow 2x

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
9 4

Mapper: masterslayer379 idk why I made this but it actually turned out pretty good hard – streams expert – vibro expert+ – jumps


Doug Dimmadome 1.5x

Difficulties Easy Normal
3 3

Mapper: masterslayer379 This is not a meme map. This is an actual vibro map. It has two diffs easy – 1/6 complex normal – 1/8 linear


Doug Dimmadome v5

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
13 0

Mapper: masterslayer379 Cheese the ending its 1000 bpm lmao anyways this one might not be as hard as the v4 cause im tired and i cant think of new patterns. no bounty on this one because of th…


Doug Dimmadome v4

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
4 0

Mapper: masterslayer379 Reupload #1 – fixed a whole bunch of stuff so should be possible now normal – v2 hard – v3 expert – v4


Doug Dimmadome v3

Difficulties Normal Hard
7 2

Mapper: masterslayer379 reupload #7 – hopefully last reupload. tunnelvibro bug should be fixed now normal – v2 hard – v3


caramelldansen from another room

Difficulties Expert+
13 15

Mapper: masterslayer379 vibro map Dogey said he wanted a vibro map of this so I did the best I could its really slow only like 329 bpm but its still poger I might make a 1/6 one later or somet…


Rasputin 1.6x

Difficulties Easy
28 95

Mapper: masterslayer379 Finally fixed those awful sliders towards the end Should be actually playable now


Pattern Test 1

Difficulties Expert+
4 3

Mapper: masterslayer379 pattern test 1 some of these probably already exist but idk uploading this for those who want to suffer


Totally Normal Architecture

Difficulties Easy
0 2

Mapper: masterslayer379 Nothing to see here this is 100% totally normal Architecture do not question anything about this map


Longest Yeehaw Ever

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
14 3

Mapper: masterslayer379 Hell. one minute of hell. easy – vibro normal – complex streams hard – speed streams expert – jumps expert+ – I literally placed notes ran…