Is she the youkai girl in Hartmann

Difficulties Easy
1 0

Mapper: ururufox1068 Hey, thanks for taking a look at the map I made. I’m sorry to say that the difficulty of this map is listed as easy, but the real difficulty is EXPERT+. I wouldnR…

pekini pei

Kovan – Thrill is Gone

Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: pekini pei Second Up! This map is a liiittle tilty. Hands close for the meaty bits. _ ^Final Quality Control Run _ Have Fun! Pi ;’> _ Support your Artists! https://music.apple…


FFVII: Black Wing Metamorphosis

Difficulties Expert
5 1

Mapper: skye2k2 Remix of Final Fantasy VII’s original “One-Winged Angel”, by Nobuo Uematsu. Check out, listen to, and download the entire album: http://ff7.ocremix.org/ BPM: …


Toosie Slide-Drake

Difficulties Hard
1 0

Mapper: eddieo_35 Toosie Slide by Drake on Beat Saber! Difficulty: Hard This is my first map so I understand It may not be the best but as I get more familiar with the software I hope to creat…


Candyland – Tobu

Difficulties Normal
2 0

Mapper: vrslash1 Normal Level – no hard moves, just a few walls Map created for a mapping tutorial on Youtube by your mapper vrslash1 This map is a great for begginers . Enjoy