Imagine Dragons-I’m So Sorry

Difficulties Expert
10 30

Mapper: flamedropsin- My first Beat Saber map-enjoy! This might be on the harder side of Expert, so be prepared. If there are any problems with the map, tell me.


Skillet – Monster

Difficulties Expert
112 30

Mapper: guliker Copied map from nick0900, Original gives error for me. Changes: noteJumpMovementSpeed from 10 to 16. Originally uploaded by nick0900 2018/08/25 map: https://beatsaver.com/beatmap/11b3


Rap god x TTFAF

Difficulties Expert+
82 9

Mapper: thelitlewiseowl Reupload because of naming edit. Short map. Through the Fire and the Supersonic Speed (Eminem x Dragonforce) For when people are requesting rap god and ttfaf.