Myon Myon Meme Douga

Difficulties Expert+
2 0

Mapper: coolpick Hi! I’ve been mapping this for a while, and let it sit for a while, but I think it’s at a state where I think it’s uploadable. It was quite hard mixing dances made i…


Dj-Nate – Last Forever

Difficulties Hard
0 0

Mapper: filletus I remember this song from my Childhood and I decided to make a map for this Song because every time i listen to it, i wanna dance. Which also means I made it as dance map. Hope you En…


Mitsuki – Aioon

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
0 0

Mapper: rinyasuzu Fixed ver. BPM: 190 Lighting: 1592 Expert+ NJS: 20 / Notes: 945 / Bombs: 0 / Walls: 8 Expert NJS: 18 / Notes: 773 / Bombs: 0 / Walls: 16 Hard NJS: 16 / Notes: 602 / Bombs: 0 / Walls:…


Pieces – hatsunetsumiko’s

Difficulties Expert
3 0

Mapper: shuuxruri Map and Lights made by me. I made this song thinking whats the easiest way to play an expert map, and this is the result. I really love the voice with the percussion of the song, the…