NIVIRO – Memes

Difficulties Expert+
12 0

Mapper: FireStrike_ I LOVE MEMES I also love this song. Tried mapping it under a year ago and gave up. I thought the other week that I should give it another go, and here we are xD Feel free t…


Grant – Weapon

Difficulties Expert Expert+
24 7

Mapper: FireStrike_ Heyo, This map is a collab between me and CatUsingAToaster. We both had fun mapping it and we hope you enjoy!! CatUsingAToaster: https://beatsaver.com/uploader/5f399e6a103c…


Robbie Williams – Candy

Difficulties Expert+
45 3

Mapper: FireStrike_ Heyo, I mapped this song a year ago and it was meant to be uploaded a few days ago when it would have been exactly a year ago since I’d uploaded that map. I wanted to…