Omoi – Rasen Hikou [ft. Hatsune Miku]

Difficulties Expert+
196 32

Mapper: lemonade2000 Really big thanks to Oddloop, altrewin, Puds, Vilawes, zilianthegreat, and Scrappy, aithke, Skeelie, and every other rank team members who looked through the map and modde…


Camellia – Darkness Overload

Difficulties Easy Expert+
128 43

Mapper: zilianthegreat Bonjour, Reup #2 Expert+ : for rank on Scoresaber, modded by Altrewin & Shrado <3 Easy : Amazing light show by @ExUnReal#0020 Stats: Notes: 2500 Nps: 9.35 Lightin…


F-777 – Space Battle

Difficulties Expert+
271 51

Mapper: fnyt Fix’d ugly 1/8 sliders. Hope it’s widepeepohappy Thanks to Scrappy, CoolingCloset, Vilawes, zilian, Aithke and all the other peeps for mods and suggestions. Cancerous …