Hitori Janain Dakara

Difficulties Expert Expert+
3 0

Mapper: cjx3711 Since Joetastic stopped mapping, I felt a bit sad and wanted to put out more BanG Dream songs. I tried to follow the energy of the official game chart. Also, you might notice that I al…


Social Mediasochist

Difficulties Expert
1 0

Mapper: pixelman546 I made this map for a great Beat Saber player, and I got hooked on the song while making it! It is really catchy. Hope you enjoy! Watch me play it here:…



Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
19 2

Mapper: yun0 BPM: 174 | 4 Difficulties (Expert+, Expert, Hard, Normal) | Lighting done by me [Expert+] NJS: 20 Notes: 1514 [Expert] Notes: 948 NJS: 19 [Hard] Notes: 702 NJS: 18 [Normal] Notes: 438 NJS…


Destiny – 1788-L & Blanke

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
0 0

Mapper: jet UPDATE: Expert+ difficulty buffed and inconsistencies fixed Okay, I know I broke my other promise but I’m still not sure about things. I’ll keep updating this until it’s …



Difficulties Expert
0 3

Mapper: silver0scale Vitalization – OP song from the anime Symphogear. Sing by Nana Mizuki Mapping: Silver0Scale Lighting: Silver0Scale BPM: 190 NJS: 14 Feedback is welcome.…