Dua Lipa – Levitating

Difficulties Expert+
54 13

Mapper: wannrick another jammer I chose to map Very chill, meant to be more of a dance map Too lazy to make more diffs so good luck


Dayglow – Hot Rod

Difficulties Expert+
84 2

Mapper: wannrick Slowly releasing old maps I haven’t uploaded 977 note count 4.7 NPS 100% jammer 0 reason to play this map B) dm me if you wanna give feedback – Wannrick#1001


CLOD – osu!re:call 2018

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
163 309

Mapper: wannrick we go agane Mappers involved: – abcbadq (Kimi no Bouken, Battle Sirens (RIOT Remix), Despacito ft. R3 Music Box and Harumachi Clover) – DE125 ((can you) understand…