Difficulties Expert Expert+
26 1

Mapper: sofmoh This is Chrome Lighting Map. The map is finished with a beautiful glow that is not too dazzling. I urge you to turn on the lighting and play! PS (as Japan 11/29 AM3:18 ) Due to …



Difficulties Expert+
7 0

Mapper: sofmoh This is a Brain Training Map ! This map is designed for difficulty levels of ☆11 and above. It is a very difficult map, but I wish you all the best!

sofmoh 1.4. Tech J-Pop Pop


Difficulties Expert+
23 2

Mapper: sofmoh This is my 4th map. This was our first attempt at producing a tech map, and we think you will enjoy it. The difficulty level is designed to be 9 Stars.

sofmoh 1.1. Balanced J-Rock Rock

aobozu – Gunjou

Difficulties Expert+
20 0

Mapper: sofmoh This map is my second work and the first score for which I manually set the lighting. It is difficult because it is a standard map with several technical placements such as inve…