Starset – Telepathic

Difficulties Expert
47 0

Mapper: shinjishazaki Another Starset map, this time more on the expert side than not. I took extra time on lighting and pattern creation/repeating/inverting on the refrains and it was pretty fun. Dem…


Starset – Ricochet

Difficulties Expert
40 2

Mapper: shinjishazaki Starset as a band and Ricochet as a song lend themselves to a nice time mapping. First use of lighting, nothing major or strobe-y. I feel I have to label this as Expert because o…

shinjishazaki Rock

Louder Than Words

Difficulties Hard
12 0

Mapper: shinjishazaki Louder Than Words by Les Friction is one of those odd gems I found on youtube several years ago and it’s always seemed like a good fit for Beat Saber. Now that I’ve f…