plasim 1.4. Tech Electronic

Creo – Crazy

Difficulties Expert+
2 1

Mapper: plasim I decided it was a good idea to map a GOOD paul map and not have spoiled be my only hard paul map because that map is bad, so I collabed with water! Water’s part is the se…


Ilona Mitrecey – Un monde parfait

Difficulties Easy
5 0

Mapper: plasim Original map is by water, I got permission from him to upload: Ce matin j’imagine un dessin sans nuage Avec quelques couleurs comme vient …


Aki – Стены

Difficulties Expert
6 1

Mapper: plasim Accable map I made originally made to be in a collab with sanichello, then he dropped out so here you go

plasim 1.4. Tech Anime J-Pop

TORIENA – Chewingood

Difficulties Expert+
7 6

Mapper: plasim I found this JAMMER on osu!, they have good ass music taste Probably my most modern map, in an attempt to broaden my horizons as a mapper and a player UPDATE: Mapper is not resp…