Akiba – Synthion

Difficulties Expert+
82 2

Mapper: meezonugget this was fun to make hope you enjoy song kinda gives me snail’s house vibes hand lit, pretty simple but does the job Thanks to Lapras for playtesting! Feedback apprec…


S3RL- Click Bait

Difficulties Expert Expert+
356 11

Mapper: meezonugget Expert+: 6 NPS, 22 NJS Expert: 4.7 NPS, 18 NJS another s3rl map woo getting this map ready for upload took longer than expected, but overall pretty happy with results I pla…


Potion Seller Soundtrack

Difficulties Easy Hard
49 4

Mapper: meezonugget I mapped every syllable as accurately as I could given that there was no bpm to work off two/three syllable words are generally done using the same colour again with a few …