lubb420 1.6. Accuracy

Lucky Luke

Difficulties Expert+
5 0

Mapper: lubb420 Jammer Tech ACC Map!!!!!! Song: Lucky Luke by Rat City Banger voice by Audun Haukvik links: Song: Rat City: Audun Haukvik:


Good Time

Difficulties Expert
45 3

Mapper: lubb420 Slow map (if you use very close offset you might get vibechecked) Giv feedback: Lubb#0682


Night raid with a dragon

Difficulties Expert+
28 11

Mapper: lubb420 I did speed tech mapping. Pro tip: DONT RESET, since i love making scuffed angles that actually has flow. Close offset will jumpscare you sometimes so good luck. Song: Night ra…



Difficulties Expert+
12 1

Mapper: lubb420 Very nice and slow angle tech 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😛 There is in fact no resets in this map. Just backhand it. Song: Fireworks by FENGSEL & Jerry Folk


Kreide im Schwanz

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
8 2

Mapper: lubb420 A 420 BPM vibro challenge map Easy: Linear vibro Normal: Stack vibro Hard: Moving vibro which includes a spiral Expert: Linear vibro but 840 BPM part Expert+: Shitpost, idk if …


Le Fishe

Difficulties Expert+
3 3

Mapper: lubb420 Song by Kotax Map by Lubb 440 BPM warning (Not challenge…kinda)