kinsi 1.6. Accuracy Comedy & Meme


Difficulties Easy Hard
18 1

Mapper: kinsi W If you’re swag you get an exactly 20k points score πŸ˜€πŸ‘ First 20.000 Score by cfelton02 on Easy Diff. W W W cfelton02: DUDE I LITERALLY GOT THAT ON MY FIRST TRY ON THAT DIF…

kinsi 1.4. Tech

PlayaPhonk – PHONKY TOWN

Difficulties Expert+
31 19

Mapper: kinsi This map is very unconventional and contains a ton of (bad?) techy patterns and stupid bomb resets that are hard to read – musical representation was not the primary concer…


Everyone step to the left

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
11 5

Mapper: kinsi You should probably adjust your room so that standing all the way on the right IRL puts you slightly to the left of the plattform ingame. This map is horrible.