Sky Eats Airplane – Transparent

Difficulties Expert+
4 0

Mapper: eku Re-visiting some bangers that I listened to as an angsty high schooler in the late 2000s. Enjoy~! REUPLOAD CUZ OF NOTE FIX OOPS Feel free to give feedback: Eku#1887


Mafumafu – I Wanna Be a Girl

Difficulties Expert Expert+
1074 31

Mapper: eku “Before I waste today hiding in the corner, and before I lose sense of what is myself, I wanna be a girl! Can I please be one? Ah, is it okay to be cute?” I hope you al…


Chroma – I

Difficulties Easy Expert+
54 5

Mapper: eku Worked on the lights during a 14-hour flight. Hope you enjoy~! Lightshow = Easy = 0 notes (because lightshow…) I = Expert+ = 1073 notes Feel free to give feedback: Eku#1887


Beef Stroganoff

Difficulties Expert
54 3

Mapper: eku It’s the famous beef stroganoff in anime and manga! The boys don’t know it~