Buster Nalmi – When I use It

Difficulties Expert Expert+
3 0

Mapper: crg_saitni average bug map – justcallmejack collab with bug me and him did expert+: i did the acc parts and he did the drops as palm ups i maped the entirety of expert with norma…


Kawai Sprite – M.I.L.F

Difficulties Expert+
8 1

Mapper: crg_saitni 602 bpm burst map! made this mostly for my friend benevolence since he only plays bursts might go for rank in cs

crg_saitni Indie

The Quick Brown Fox – HEWWO :3

Difficulties Easy Hard
1 3

Mapper: crg_saitni hewwo everyone :3, this is the first map in my series of mapping the entire tqbf nerves ending album as i like it, you can tell its part of the pack because of the (Nerves E…