Ethyria – God sees all

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
179 3

Mapper: citizenfive “God sees all” is the debut single of NIJISANJI English’s third wave of virtual talents, known as Ethyria. Chroma and Cinema mods recommended for the best…


OBSYDIA – Black Out

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
327 13

Mapper: citizenfive The debut single of NIJISANJI EN’s second wave of virtual talents, known as OBSYDIA. Chroma and Cinema highly recommended. This is my first time ever working with Chr…


Akai Haato – REDHEART

Difficulties Expert Expert+
51 5

Mapper: citizenfive Contributing to the pool of Hololive originals once again.. bit too late to coincide this release with Haachama’s return but whatever CCs included