Wilbur Soot – Soft Boy

Difficulties Expert Expert+
110 3

Mapper: RedNewth i literally got to work on this as soon as the premiere ended yesterday someone stop me hopefully its gud 🙂 two diffs one thats just kinda a nerfed ver. of the other lightings…


Stay Calm – Shadrow Remix

Difficulties Expert
13 0

Mapper: RedNewth 3rd of the 3 old(ish) maps was gonna be multiple diffs but then i forgor about it and decided id upload this one diff and call it acc. thx fr plyng if u do <3

RedNewth 1.2. Dance Pop

Troublemaker – Olly Murs

Difficulties Expert+
11 1

Mapper: RedNewth 2nd of the 3 old(ish) maps so this one is a long story. basically i saw a reddit post probably hating on ranked maps and how its all speedcore and so i commented saying like &…

RedNewth Comedy & Meme

the bread bank

Difficulties Expert+
14 2

Mapper: RedNewth bred on deck bred on da flooh TOASTED ROAS-stfu made in less than an hour im alive theres more maps in the works rn i jusut need to work on them thx fr plyng if u do <3