OtherPatrick 1.1. Balanced Electronic

Sacuna – Home

Difficulties Expert+
6 1

Mapper: OtherPatrick map has some dodge walls as a warning if you dont like that probably my best map this song and artist are so underrated. go support them bandcamp: https://sacunafm.bandcam…

OtherPatrick Rock

Nickelback – Photograph

Difficulties Expert Expert+
2 19

Mapper: OtherPatrick note: some parts were cut funny vibro map if you have epilepsy please play with static lights or the expert difficulty dont downvote if you cant beat it or if you dont lik…

OtherPatrick 1.6. Accuracy Ambient


Difficulties Normal
10 4

Mapper: OtherPatrick chill fox stevenson song, first time lighting myself, definitely not the best. easily my best map lmao reupload 1: fixed some off sync parts


Busta Nights

Difficulties Expert Expert+
2 6

Mapper: OtherPatrick expert+ – one handed jumps with weird angles expert – one handed jumps, bit easier lighting by lolighter