JPRO – Jump

Difficulties Hard
4 1

Mapper: Orbie Requested by blice_lecnixx Time mapped: 4:59:53 ——————————————————R…


Geoplex – Imperium

Difficulties Expert+
14 3

Mapper: Orbie My second Half Chroma map and fairly proud of how it turned out. Enable Lighting and use Kaleidoscope Environment for the best experience. Time mapped: 17:37:00 ——…


Puffer Reacts to memes

Difficulties Expert
24 0

Mapper: Orbie I was challenged, called out and threatened when browsing the YouTubes so I mapped this. also Puffer why we map is out of boredom or if we like the song or meme! Time mapped: 38:…


Feint – Starseed

Difficulties Expert+
23 6

Mapper: Orbie OMG I am so dumb I almost forgot about this map! This is dance but I’m sorry the parts in-between are boring I can’t figure out how to map it. Time mapped: 7:17:30 &#…