Kerokichi 1.4. Tech


Difficulties Expert Expert+
50 3

Mapper: Kerokichi This map is for BeatGather at 2021/11/7 It’s my challenge map since I’m not good at notes pattern.

Kerokichi 1.1. Balanced


Difficulties Expert
44 4

Mapper: Kerokichi 2021/10/24 For BeatGather Map It’s amazing map. hahaha. 2021/10/24 17:09 ミス配置がありましたので再アップしました。スミマセン

Kerokichi 1.4. Tech Anime

Get lol Get lol SONG

Difficulties Expert Expert+
34 2

Mapper: Kerokichi This is a slightly slow song. Ex + is a hard technical map. Please be careful of controller collisions. Lawless is an early version of Ex +. It may be a bad map. 上記タイトル…