FrostDoctor 1.1. Balanced Electronic

Zenith Falls

Difficulties Expert+
20 0

Mapper: FrostDoctor Techcore banger. Basically a midspeed acc map. I had a lot of fun mapping this so I hope you enjoy 😀 Frost#2000 on Discord for feedback 😀

FrostDoctor 1.4. Tech Comedy & Meme

d o n g

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
70 3

Mapper: FrostDoctor Silly tech map. X+ Extreme tech. Expert is normal tech. Expert+ is EXTREMELY wrist roll heavy. Some 360s in there :3 Any feedback can be directed to Frost#2000 on Discord 😀…

FrostDoctor 1.1. Balanced Electronic


Difficulties Expert+
16 0

Mapper: FrostDoctor Inlines that feel good no way???? Took over 10 hours to map and edit. Had a lot of fun mapping this, hope you guys enjoy the inlines as much as I do