Non-Stop – Hamilton

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
156 26

Mapper: Babitzkov This is my magnum opus. The difficulty settings may not be geat but i spent about 5h on the expert level making it just how i wanted. I am very happy with this, i hope you la…


Likewise (Reworked)

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
4 1

Mapper: Babitzkov Reworked my map from the ground up, i saw in the rating that a lot of people didn’t like it and after some mapmaking tutorials and tips i very much see why. This one sh…


First Burn – Hamilton

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
43 10

Mapper: Babitzkov Hjello again everyone, This is my fourth and definitely proudest map. It’s got, in my opinion, everything a more casual player could ask for. Good flow, Good Atmosphere…



Difficulties Easy Normal Hard
4 7

Mapper: Babitzkov My third song, i believe I’m getting a decent enough workflow at making levels, hop you lads enjoy it o7