Axsparta 1.5. Speed Electronic

PsyStyle Nation

Difficulties Expert+
8 3

Mapper: Axsparta banger song, my longest map yet 308 bpm jumps and streams hopefully final reupload that fixed the ending section to be more playable, unless i make lower diffs at some point A…



Difficulties Expert+
1 0

Mapper: Axsparta gud songe :3 thanks linzi for the suggestion ^^ 400 bpm challenging speed map, not meant to be easy on the current only diff, might do a downdiff later Axsparta#1693 for feedback

Axsparta 1.5. Speed Electronic Speedcore


Difficulties Expert+
23 2

Mapper: Axsparta Banger Laur song mapped it way faster than i usually do but turned out decently imo 220 bpm speedy map, not too hard, not too boring hope you enjoy! Axsparta#1693 for feedback



Difficulties Expert Expert+
8 2

Mapper: Axsparta amazing song by LinziVR, version 3, hopefully better than my previous map speedcore is poggers dumbass 2 diffs now poggie woggie: Expert+ has the inverts again Expert is basic…

Axsparta Metal

Redneck Vikings from Hell

Difficulties Expert+
9 3

Mapper: Axsparta gud songe my first map 😀 hopefully not too awful i used lolighter cuz im lazy reupload cuz there was a reset and a bad wrist roll feedback Axsparta#1693