USAO – Big Daddy

Difficulties Expert+
76 1

Mapper: vrmasked The girl is playing Beat Saber… BIG THANKS to all the modders because a lot of work was done on this map. Thank you Shrado, Yun0, Xhera, Jez, Hex, Skeelie, Vilawes, Cool…


F-777 – Star Gate

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
244 40

Mapper: fnyt Another PepeJumpJump by F-777 Thanks to Altrewin and carrot for mods and suggestions. Also thanks for the feedback regarding the harsh offset. Reuploading with Ex+ offset nerfed C…



Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
202 54

Mapper: mystikmol Re-upload for rank! This might be it BOIS HEHE 4 difficulties included! Huge shoutouts to Uninstaller, muffn, Shrado, Marv and Skeelie for the mods! Thank you to all the play…


Camellia – epimerization

Difficulties Expert+
95 49

Mapper: fern A map in a genre very different than I am used to and took a total of just over 14 hours across 3 days to finish. Stats: 2,689 Notes 8.16 Notes per Second 62 Personally Timed BPM …