Mekuso – (Sto) Czterdziesci i Cztery

Difficulties Expert+
8 0

Mapper: rockz it’s a map reup #4 now with playable bpm & better audio thankoo miitchel 🙏 thanks again altrewin for bpm changes 🙏 #3 more timongzz #2 eaglet find sloider #1 metadata, …

That_Narwhal That_Narwhal


Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
2 1

Mapper: that_narwhal He is back and better then ever For the ranking funny Thank you for modding alt Thank you for the feedback tseska it was very helpful Upload #4 -Schwank re-retarded his pa…


True hero – Kobaryo

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
3 0

Mapper: helloimdaan Thx for modding narwhal and jabob Prob final reup and queue speedrun B) Collab with cerret and complex Ex+ till hard are all expert+ difficulties. Ex+ by Complexfrequency. …


Camellia – Tera I/O

Difficulties Expert+
5 1

Mapper: cerret ok this should actually be the last reupload actually theres still a chance ill have to reupload because of two specific dot notes for ronk gl nerds


FLügeL《Λrp:ΣggyØ》- SDVX

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
13 2

Mapper: kuurama_ Thanks Timbo, Wizzled, Vilawes, ComplexFrequency for the mod ^^. And Thanks everyone for the playtest, this map is prob the map i am the most proud of. Thanks Vred_0 for the a…