Vs. Garcello – Release

Difficulties Expert
122 1

Mapper: KeldeolvX Enjoy the full chart including lighting in this version of my previous chart on the Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle mod in FNF. Also fixed issue with a note at 0:19 in the previ…


Hextravaganza | Glitcher

Difficulties Expert+
47 5

Mapper: Jd-Da-Fusky Im a fucking idiot, nevertheless, the map is finished. The final revision is MADE. All your issues have been fixed, and you wanna know what it was? THE FUCKING OFFSET. Im d…


Kawai Sprite Roses

Difficulties Expert
1 4

Mapper: bolkzy this map is horrible i wouldnt play it but i made it bc i know theres someone that can do these weird patterns theres weird stuff in map it looks like i made this in 10 min but …


M.I.L.F – Friday Night Funkin’

Difficulties Expert+
396 27

Mapper: Wowowood The song that plays during the third match against the Mom in Friday Night Funkin’, it’s one of the harder songs in the game, so I tried to make it equally as diff…


the new sweet groove – Plexi

Difficulties Expert+
70 2

Mapper: 3Stans Hello again description readers! Here is a map that i’ve been working on and off on for about a month or so, I tried to make it fun so hopefully it is. Note: This map does…