Stacy’s Mom (Bowling For Soup)

Difficulties Expert+
7 13

Mapper: psycow I noticed that there was only one map for Stacy’s Mom and it was god awful so I decided that I would make an actually decent one. I understand it’s not the original but pers…

Dance Pop Rap

Mine – Bazzi

Difficulties Expert
81 7

Expert Reviewed By StyngMe: Another great map by DGRJ, I have really been enjoying his stuff lately and this is no exception. There are plenty of friendly patterns that add a general sense of fun to t…


Dreamin feat. Ryu

Difficulties Expert+
6 3

Mapper: bandoot keep in mind my charting skills are bad so don’t expect this to be the best dm me on discord if you have any criticism thanks Bandoot#0915 used auto lighter with small modificati…


100 hour bills

Difficulties Expert+
1 1

Mapper: bobbie yes, it’s $100 bills but it lasts for 100 hours i legitimately never expect anybody to beat this, ever as far as i know this is the longest map ever created, and probably the map …