malec Soundtrack

Daft Punk – The Grid

Difficulties Expert
23 14

Mapper: malec One thing I’ve been focusing on while making beatmaps is lighting. Lighting is definitely key to a good chart. This isn’t meant to be a challenging chart at all. Just more of…

landixus Soundtrack


Difficulties Easy
2 1

Mapper: landixus Powerful drums and easy to solve. Play it loud 🙂 It is easy/normal something between…. If people like it, i try to build some more.…

leonidastdd J-Pop

D&D Beyond

Difficulties Hard
26 2

Mapper: leonidastdd A jingle for D&D Beyond, originally written by Sam Riegel as a joke ad on Critical Role, which later ended up getting fleshed out into a fully animated theme song. My first Bea…


Gelo-Ohh Juventud (Remastered)

Difficulties Normal
12 15

Difficulty : Normal+ 100% DONE 128 BPM Type : EDM Endurance (Lets see if you make it till the end) Lighting Events and Bombs and Walls and whatever it may ocurr to you ;-) It has i…

badmaps EDM

Loud Pipes ft Duke

Difficulties Normal
3 3

This is just a meme. Normal only. Back track: Loud Pipes by Ratatat ( Speech: Duke ( Mashup: GranPian (https://www.youtu…