SakiZ – osu!memories

Difficulties Expert+
2128 240

Mapper: psyc0pathic Length: 7:47 BPM: 90-720 (180) Preview by Amanatsu: https://streamable.com/wngq2 Fixes: Reizouko remap Calamity Fortune remap Genryuu Kaiko retimed/remap United remap Magic…

fern Dubstep EDM

Ace Aura – Flow

Difficulties Expert+
350 196

Mapper: fern PLEASE READ BEFORE PLAYING This map is going for rank, while this version might not be rankable currently, I am going to push for it. Because of this, please give feedback on anyt…


Kobaryo – Yugure

Difficulties Expert+
711 101

Mapper: soup Reupload cuz it was unrankable because my name was Soup on it Pogoz Thanks Puds for lighting and check for timing :clown: Pretty good not gonna lie. Discord : https://discord.gg/NM3qa2f