Difficulties Expert+
175 36

Mapper: jez pogar BLANKFIELD jams Bean tested like 1000 times so he gets recognition thank you alt, shrado, schwank, and orang for mod we zoomin


Aether Realm – The Devil

Difficulties Expert+
166 83

Mapper: fern 5th reupload this time for an offset change. If anyone has suggestions for changes or are a red headed female feel free to message me on discord at Fern#7333 or on twitter @Fernyx…


Camellia – epimerization

Difficulties Expert+
95 49

Mapper: fern A map in a genre very different than I am used to and took a total of just over 14 hours across 3 days to finish. Stats: 2,689 Notes 8.16 Notes per Second 62 Personally Timed BPM …


Louder Than Steel – Ryu-5150

Difficulties Expert+
221 761

Mapper: electrostats My first uploaded map but my fifth map. Every criticiscm are good and will help me improoving my mapping style :)! Have fun! Big thanks to… Review: Fern, OrangeW, Ho…



Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
202 54

Mapper: mystikmol Re-upload for rank! This might be it BOIS HEHE 4 difficulties included! Huge shoutouts to Uninstaller, muffn, Shrado, Marv and Skeelie for the mods! Thank you to all the play…