DETRO – volcanic

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
599 277

Mapper: soup Reupload #2 Made change following Uninstaller rankability check-up. Hell | Souk/Hexagonial NOT for rank Expert+ | Souk For rank Expert | Hexagonial For rank Hard | Souk For rank S…


Zetsu – Ice

Difficulties Expert Expert+
9 6

Mapper: loloppe Reupload since it go culled from the conversion. Slight modification to the Expert+ to make it a bit more readable. Added a new lightshow.



Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
74 18

Mapper: yun0 *re-uploaded to fix spawn offset ~ It’s Fin4lly here, I think this holds record for the longest on-going collab ever. Mystik and I first started working on this back in the …