Futurama Theme

Difficulties Expert
27 116

This is my first song and its kind of decent but it’s the only song on this page for us futurama fans.…


Precious Foot Lettuce

Difficulties Expert
3 7

A 30 second meme song, my first map, wanted to make it quick and learn some techniques. Wanted to share because I thought it was kinda fun.…

APervySage Meme

Gamecube Startup

Difficulties Expert
60 75

This track is not for everyone. It’s a short, 15 second map that replicates the gamecube startup sound. It’s hard to rate these meme songs, because if the gamecube startup sound brings nostalgic memor…



Difficulties Expert
4 8

Ha, this will take you a few… dozen… tries. Unless you’re just a absolute god at this game.…