Bandit the qt

Difficulties Hard
3 4

Mapper: teknozfr As we all know, bandit is god, bandit is life, bandit is love, bandit is water, bandit is all. In honor of buff bandit god (i just wanna precise this is pure trash and i did i…


Happy Birthday Bandit

Difficulties Hard
3 2

Mapper: teknozfr Ok so, as we all know, bandit is trying to hide his birthday from us so let’s all tell him happy birthday ! :3 (again the sync is horrible, unreadable and trash af but s…

novarulz -_-


Difficulties Hard
18 16

Mapper: novarulz -_- You’re a winner ranking team, dont you ever forget.


Hawlow – Malnova

Difficulties Hard
3 3

Hard only. First beatmap I’ve ever made in any rhythm game. If you like the song, check out hawlow.bandcamp.com for my full album!