Difficulties Expert+
104 67

Mapper: nomuffn might not be the last re-up hahlbla Lights by Lolighter reupload for rank #2 thanks for mods Jez, DE, ComplexFrequency, Narwhal


Ice – Zetsu

Difficulties Expert Expert+
165 59

Mapper: nomuffn reup v3 for rank still Lights by Lolighter still zzz map still for rank yes still expert is challenge


Nacreous Snowmelt – Camellia

Difficulties Expert+
142 11

Mapper: umbranox This map kinda took over 40 hours to make, enjoy(?) ty oddloop for staying in vc with me the entire time keeping me sane ❤ hmu on discord for any feedback or issues Umbranox#6671


Camellia – epimerization

Difficulties Expert+
165 68

Mapper: fern A map in a genre very different than I am used to and took a total of just over 14 hours across 3 days to finish. Stats: 2,689 Notes 8.16 Notes per Second 62 Personally Timed BPM …


CLOD – osu!re:call 2018

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
86 181

Mapper: wannrick we go agane Mappers involved: abcbadq (Kimi no Bouken, Battle Sirens (RIOT Remix), Despacito ft. R3 Music Box and Harumachi Clover) DE125 ((can you) understand me?, Black Rove…