MonstDeath – Blood

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
27 3

Mapper: moriik WARNING – INTENSE LIGHTING IS PRESENT (There is also an in game warning added the each difficulty) If you’ve played some other rhythm games like NeonFM, NOISZ, Dynam…


Xronial Xero

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
312 149

Mapper: foxyboi Re-Up like #9 Map by Altrewin and Me Funny 335 bpm jumps for about 4 minutes (not including breaks) Yes for rank, thanks alt for doing the lower diff as well as his exp+ And sp…


DETRO – volcanic

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
764 395

Mapper: soup Reupload #2 Made change following Uninstaller rankability check-up. Hell | Souk/Hexagonial NOT for rank Expert+ | Souk For rank Expert | Hexagonial For rank Hard | Souk For rank S…