Kobaryo – Galaxy Friends

Difficulties Expert+
108 119

Mapper: jez shoutout to skeelie, vila, shrado, aithke, and alt for modding, and beansoup, duh, muffn, veno, and monsterwook for playtest/mod 26 hours of work, pogu jez maps are so boring, i wo…



Difficulties Expert+
2 2

Mapper: nomuffn might not be the last re-up hahlbla Lights by Lolighter reupload for rank #2 thanks for mods Jez, DE, ComplexFrequency, Narwhal


Aether Realm – The Devil

Difficulties Expert+
166 83

Mapper: fern 5th reupload this time for an offset change. If anyone has suggestions for changes or are a red headed female feel free to message me on discord at Fern#7333 or on twitter @Fernyx…


Camellia – epimerization

Difficulties Expert+
121 58

Mapper: fern A map in a genre very different than I am used to and took a total of just over 14 hours across 3 days to finish. Stats: 2,689 Notes 8.16 Notes per Second 62 Personally Timed BPM …