Difficulties Expert+
324 48

This Hexpert+ chart was commissioned by Zander (zvnder), who now holds the achievement of being the first person to commission a map from me! Direct thanks to Zander for bringing you this great(?) cha…


Louder Than Steel – Ryu-5150

Difficulties Expert+
3 6

Mapper: Electrostats My first uploaded map but my fifth map. Every criticiscm are good and will help me improoving my mapping style :)! Have fun! Big thanks to… Review: Fern, OrangeW, Hoppaw Tes…


Kano – Walk This Way!

Difficulties Expert+
155 47

Mapper: cheesydream Difficulties: ExpertPlus had to fix some stuff so im reuploading Song: Walk This Way! – Kano Length : ~1:40 Difficulty: very Ex+ mapped this in 2 hours you probably wont like…


SakiZ – osu!memories

Difficulties Expert+
593 51

Mapper: psyc0pathic Difficulties: ExpertPlus Length: 7:47 BPM: 90-720 (180) Preview by Amanatsu: https://streamable.com/wngq2 Fixes: Reizouko remap Calamity Fortune remap Genryuu Kaiko retimed/remap U…


Labyrinth – Lapix

Difficulties Expert+
113 34

Mapper: splake Difficulties: ExpertPlus Hey everyone, BPM 175 expert+(+) #26 full dynamic lighting by Moriik Charts created by splake Music created by Lapix Who’s the fucking gangster? music her…