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Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson

Difficulties Expert+
190 764

Possibly the best Beat Saber map of all time

Being an early Beat Saber map means that a map is likely to be subject to very strange and experimental patterns that ultimately end up being unfair and not fair for the player.  However, Smooth Criminal completely evades this trope and ends up being a gem in the rough; a truly amazing map to stand the test of time.  Smooth Criminal is a map that uses never before seen patterns.  Not only is Smooth Criminal the first map to use these patterns, it's the ONLY map to use these patterns.  Some may say "Skyler, it's the only map to use these patterns because they're bad".  Now, well I say "No, it's simply because no other mapper has had the creativity or guts to use them!".  Smooth Criminal is a map that is PERFECTLY in sync, uses AMAZING patterns, is EXTREMELY easy to sight-read, and is 100% fair to the player.  I don't believe the 5 point scale is enough to do this map justice and for this reason, I must award Smooth Criminal my highest rating yet;  a 999 out of 5.

Mapper: atlasik

This Beat Saber track is created by Atlasik and contains only Expert+ difficulty, the expert+ difficulty is extremely hard, maybe that hard no one will even pass through it. It is possible but im not 100% sure because i didn’t tried it. ( 😛 )

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Comments (2)
  1. asd says:

    what the fuck man

    1. SkylerWallace says:

      I know. The map is amazing, right?

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