Michael Jackson – Thriller ( full length )

Difficulties Expert
710 35
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This Map'll Make You Dance Like  MJ!

I was so excited that MajorPickle has created a new map for the full length version of Thriller and that he's added a 360 as well. While I enjoyed his original map, this one is next level!  This is one of those maps where the patterns and block placements  feel so natural and perfectly placed for the song, that you end up dancing effortlessly and better than you  ever thought you could! The timing makes this map really satisfying to play and the walls and bombs add visual interest and also make you move in ways that enhance the dance! Thanks for another first-rate map, MajorPickle! 

Mapper: Majorpickle

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  1. Aboykiy says:

    How do you make 360 levels?

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