Last Surprise

Difficulties Expert
2050 107
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This map provides a feel good play-through, perfect for warming up or winding down, or just when you feel like enjoying some music without getting too worked up. The blocks sync up to the music well, and the patterns are generally varied enough to keep the player engaged throughout the long(ish) song.

However, the map does suffer from a few awkward patterns here and there, for example, stacked opposite colors blocks in the same direction quickly in succession, with little room to wind up. (0:59 in the video) And although it does not bother me personally, it is worth noting that there are a few "controller smashing" patterns. (1:33)

Overall this is a decent song, but it does not stand out in any particular way. I would recommend this map to people who enjoy the song, or are looking for some decent songs to pad their collection. Personally, I like to visit this song during long sessions, to keep my selections varied.

Mapper: guatapuri

An expert map for the song Last Surprise from Persona 5 focused more on flow and groove than difficulty.
Lighting events full mapped.

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