BlackBlazon Electronic

Rainbow Road (Fixed Note Version)

Difficulties Expert
412 19
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Rainbow Road is a nice map that can be fun even for beginner expert players

The streams in this map are simple, and nothing is too overwhelming. Most the patters and nice and flow well, though there are a few areas that feel awkward or weird to hit. A few patterns end up a little overused or bland. Most beginner players would overlook these things when playing. The rhythm is great and the map is enjoyable the entire way through. The length is a great length for a map, not too long or too short.  The intro is great and is a good transition into the rest of the song. it makes good use of transitioning colors on the diagonals. There were a few places I wished something more was going on, but overall it was an enjoyable and well made map.

Mapper: BlackBlazon

Previous upload had one block that was annoyingly off sync and it hurt me to keep it that way even though it was at the end of the track…
Redownload if you want?, Dont think the one note desync is a big deal to anyone but i made did this to make the map perfect.
So yeah this is the perfected version per say?

Sorry for everyone whos posted there scores previously forgive me 🙁

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