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Now Loading!!!! – Fourfolium (v2 Mapper role celebration)

Difficulties Expert
65 16
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Mapper: splake

Hey everyone,
Different description this time – got me a mapper role. Whoooo.
Now Loading was my first map that I uploaded and as a celebration for my role, I decided to polish it up. —- Now with less vision blocking notes and more consistant “flow”!!!
Big thanks to all the evaluators for my role and thanks to all of you guys for playing my stuff.

im sorry todo, bomb walls were one of the things guata liked about v1.

BPM 193 Expert only
full dynamic lighting
Charts created by Splake
All music created by Fourfolium
From the anime New Game!
special thanks to clxrffdman, Todokete, and Guatapuri (i miss u guata. com bak plz)
preview here:

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