[NoodleGames Vol.2] THE PRIMALS – RISE (Band Version) – FFXIV OST

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
586 20
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Mapper: fruhead

SO – NIC – BOOM! The Ramen Noodle group is back again to bring you a map pack full of our favorite video game soundtracks and game-inspired music! This track is from Final Fantasy XIV, from the Heavensward Raid series against Alexander. It is featured during the final phase in the encounter in The Soul of the Creator, against Alexander Prime himself. Now RISE up, the time is right to sound off! So, RISE with me!

Also, be sure to have Chroma 2.0 installed, so you can enjoy the arena-inspired lightshow!

And now for some extra map info:
BPM: 140
Notes: A12 (Ex) – 976 ; A12S (Ex+) – 1427
NPS: A12 (Ex) – 4.35 ; A12S (Ex+) – 6.36
Bombs: A12 (Ex) – 196 ; A12S (Ex+) – 196
Walls: A12 (Ex) – 69 ; A12S (Ex+) – 50

Special thanks to RedMagi, Qwasyx, helencarnate, and Alzaraf for playtesting! Also extra special thanks to AaltopahWi for playtesting, as well as teaching me extra stuff for Chroma lighting!

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (3)
  1. funnyduck says:

    Just beat expert+ level. Had a great fun and exhausted!

  2. cellsplitter says:

    Love this song. Sucks that it stopped working after the last big update. I hope it gets fixed soon.

  3. Kaeli042 says:

    I just want to say thanks so much for including the lower difficulty level. I started playing a few months ago and it’s just challenging enough at my current skill level and super super fun!

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